2016 Bucket List

Well, it’s been quite the year, with some of the highest highs and lowest lows I’ve ever had. I like to look at my bucket list for the year close to New Years and see how I did, and reevaluate my goals for the next. This was my list for 2015:

  • Go to Marchland Camp! (Again! ;))

  • Read 30,000 pages. My goal in 2014 was 75 books, which I did, but the book goal held me back from longer books because I knew it would put me behind. So this year I’m doing a pages-read goal instead. Last year I read 27447 pages, so I’m going to make it an even 30,000 this year.

  • Harry Potter world!

  • Sky diving!

  • Go vegan for a week

  • Bake a fancy pinterest cake

  • Do the Couch-to-5k

  • Run a 5k

  • Try hot yoga

  • Watch slam poetry in person

  • Make an internet friend and meet in person

  • Go to a protest

  • Go to Seattle Gay Pride

  • Start a savings account/save some money

  • Pay off at least one of my credit cards

  • Visit Vancouver

  • Spend Christmas with my family

  • Get better about keeping the apartment clean!

  • Start doing pre-reqs for the nursing program I’m trying to get into

A little better than last year! Last year I knocked off 5, this year I knocked off 7. Not too shabby. I didn’t read quite 30,000 pages, but I did get close. And some of these goals aren’t as important for me anymore. For example, I think I’ve decided to defer going back to school for awhile. But I’m so, so proud of myself for finally completing the Couch to 5k (I even did the 5k-10k!) and for the experiences I made happen through hard work (HP World took working a looot of overtime).

My list for 2016

  • Sky diving

  • Visit Becca in Michigan this summer

  • Go to Cedar Point

  • Try hot yoga

  • Watch slam poetry in person

  • Go to Seattle Gay Pride

  • Get serious about my debt and pay off my credit cards. (My big one for the year)

  • Spend a holiday with my family

  • Keep saving money

  • Keep going to therapy and seriously address my anxiety, depression, and eating disorder

  • Travel somewhere by myself

  • Get back into either running or some other physical activity

I need a fresh start more than ever. Let’s do it.